The Best Indian Cuisine in Melbourne

In the eyes of the world's palate, Indian cuisine is a force to be reckoned with. Indians are proud of their curries and spices, which have had a significant impact on the world's food. It is believed that tasting these complex dishes will take three lifetimes. It is rarely known that only a small percentage of Indian dishes are known outside of India. The country has its unique foods, and it is difficult to adjust to other regional cuisines. Indian foods have strong influence based on three factors – climate, religion and emperor regiment. Indian cuisine is ancient, diverse, and immersed in tradition, an admixture of different ethnic influences, much like the country itself. At Bombay Club, we are aware of the rich cultural origins of Indian food and hope to replicate the cultural experience for your Melbourne palettes. We guarantee that the meals will retain their distinct Indian flavour by adhering to traditional food preparation practices. This cuisine may be great for a joyous event, a casual party, or a formal official business meeting, and the huge selection of dishes allows you to choose the finest for your taste buds. To learn more about the foods we serve at our Ormond-based restaurant Bombay Club, you can call us on (03) 9578 4905 or email us at